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SJD implement and standardize network security protocols. Our solutions are often used in the wireless and embedded markets. We are committed to producing the highest quality software packages and support them in the long-term. Our projects are community reviewed and we work with free software.

We are based in Stockholm and work with international customers over the Internet.

Also see Simon Josefsson’s blog for some of our thoughts and ideas in a more informal manner.


We are primarily working with network security and internationalization technologies related to:

  • Kerberos,

  • SASL,

  • GSS-API,

  • TLS,

  • IDN, Unicode,

  • EAP, IEEE 802.1x, PEAP, TTLS,


  • OpenPGP, and

  • OpenID

We support our in-house implementations of these technologies, and also provide leadership in the standardization process.


Software in The Public Interest, Inc. (contributing member)

KNX - the worldwide standard for home and building control (certified partner)